Sleep Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy brings different types of discomforts and health issues. Sleeplessness, snoring, nausea, morning sickness, leg cramps, heartburn etc. are some common problems that afflict almost all pregnant women. Due to lack of sleep, most expectant mothers suffer from fatigue, feeling low etc. As pregnancy progresses, women find it difficult to sleep due to uncomfortable sleeping … More Sleep Tips for Pregnant Women

Benefits of Coconut Water during Pregnancy

Introduction Extremely refreshing with a slight sweet taste, coconut water helps you to keep hydrated. Rich in electrolytes and essential nutrients like potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, vitamin C and certain B vitamins, coconut water helps in giving you instant relief from fatigue and tiredness by reviving the salts lost by your body. Coconut water … More Benefits of Coconut Water during Pregnancy

Morning Sickness and How to Cope With It!

What is morning sickness? Most pregnant women suffer from morning sickness which occurs in the first three months of pregnancy. Also known as nausea, pregnancy sickness or vomiting in pregnancy, it is caused due to the high level of pregnancy hormones that are produced in your body. Though morning sickness makes you feel lousy, it … More Morning Sickness and How to Cope With It!


The foetus is surrounded by a water-like fluid known as amniotic fluid. This fluid contains the live cells of the foetus and other substances which are helpful in determining the health of the baby before birth. Amniocentesis is a specialised medical procedure in which a small amount of amniotic fluid is taken out from the … More Amniocentesis