Stork Delivers the First Baby

Dr.Evita.jpgLast night I stood silently by the side of a young mother who asked me to be present at the birth of her second baby. I re-entered a birthing room after several years. It was a privilege, to be a part of that very special, intimate circle. She chose to have the chants of the Vipassana meditation which added a spiritual dimension and left her calm.

I continue to be in awe of the mystery of birth. I never cease to be amazed by the quiet inner strength and determination of a woman, to birth. The sheer unadulterated joy she displays when she holds her baby only reiterates the power of a mother’s love.

Thank you my young mother, for drawing me back into that special spot last night.

A successful vaginal birth, following a previous Cesarean section, is a reason to celebrate. You have only reinforced my belief in women and their understanding of their own bodies.

Our first birth in Stork Home – a good beginning indeed.

– Dr. Evita Fernandez


11 thoughts on “Stork Delivers the First Baby

  1. Hearty congratulations dr evita madam you always inspire me with your sheer honesty and dedication for wellbeing of women I sincerely pray for ur long healthy life you are an asset to medical fraternity you are an institution in your own self hats off to ur commitment may god bless you

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  2. Congratulations Dr Evita! We will never forget you and your team (especially Dr Geeta who pulled out our three beautiful children; they are now 14, 13 and 11 yrs) at Fernandez Hospital, one of the best in the world…. Long live all of you…

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  3. Hearty Congratulations Dr.Evita… Even i feel fortunate to deliver my baby under your supervision and ofcourse very co operative team of your Doctors… Its the best place to experience your motherhood… Money minting is no where into the picture… I personally experienced it… They waited very long in my case, pain reading were seen on machine but unfortunately i wasn’t able to feel… I lost hope after IOL i asked them for C section. Dr. Evita was my doctor and when she was informed that i want go for C Section…. For my surprise i saw her in my room early in the morning… She explains that i don’t want you get through this surgery it means a lot in women’s life and there would be more likely chances of you delivering next baby through C section only… Let’s wait… Will take a Sonography and check if all ok… I would discharge you and don’t worry spend time with your family… Go for a walk and candle night dinner… Come back tomorrow and i hope you will experience labour soon… If not we’ll monitor you and if things are not falling in place we would land up to the very last option of c section… No Doctor would wait and tell us all this… Instead they would rush for a call on C section… No doubt my delivery was a C section but I’m happy with their efforts because they really tired hard for a Normal deliver… But it was my destiny can’t help it… But overall my experience with Fernandez Hospital was overwhelming one… I would recommend every women to, one trust worthy platform called Fernandez Hospital for experiencing both motherhood and Fatherhood…. They allow father to OP so that they can too experience fatherhood…. Nice Experience and had best moments in Fernandez Hospital…

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