Cerclage is a procedure wherein a suture (stitch or tape) is placed around the cervix (neck of the womb) in a purse string manner to keep the mouth of the uterus (womb) closed and avoid miscarriage. The exact cause of premature labour or late miscarriages is not clear, but they may be caused by changes … More Cerclage

STEM CELLS – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are stem cells? A. Stem cells are the master cells of our body from which all the other 250 types of cells are formed. The umbilical cord blood mainly contains hematopoietic or blood cell forming stem cells i.e., stem cells that form Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and platelets. Pic courtesy:  http://nas-sites.org/stemcells/stem-cell-basics/download-stem-cell-figures/ … More STEM CELLS – Frequently Asked Questions

Healthy Habits for Women to Start

Today’s women have become career achievers and also manage to cope with family responsibilities efficiently. However, they neglect health issues and seek help only when they have complications and medical conditions which are difficult to treat. Incidences of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, vitamin D deficiency, thyroid disorders, heart diseases and cancers have increased tremendously. Sedentary lifestyle, increasing … More Healthy Habits for Women to Start