WHAT IS THIS? Gestational diabetes is a condition caused by a rise in blood sugar levels which can possibly develop in pregnant women around the 24th week of gestation. “It is a common medical problem – Hypertension being the first while gestational diabetes comes second,” says Dr. Tarakeswari, our specialist in gestational diabetes. HOW IS … More GESTATIONAL DIABETES

Pathway to a Healthy Birth

This is a special feature on “Pathway to a Healthy Birth” – an infographic done by to help women learn the safest and smoothest route for labor, birth and the crucial days that follow, including tips to stay on the pathway and things to avoid.

Childbirth Education

Childbirth is as old as the beginning of the human race. It is a natural process and yet “soon-to-be” parents tend to be anxious about coping with this new and uncertain phase in their lives. Childbirth education will help them know what to expect during pregnancy. It teaches them techniques to relieve the pain — … More Childbirth Education